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Camps Bay

Camps Bay is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. In the African winter it is a hotbed of European tourists as well as local South Africans down for a beach holiday. It hosts beach volleyball tournaments as well as a refreshing nightlife.The back of Table Mountain, the Table Mountain cableway and the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range form a backdrop to the Camps Bay family beach.


The surf is strong here and there is no resident lifeguard, but a rescue helicopter patrols regularly. The grass verge flanked by the Camps Bay tidal pool offers shady, wind-free barbecue spots. Trendy Shops, restaurants, a hotel, chemist, banks and police station are close to the beach.( Bay has 2 beaches, Glen Beach and the Bigger Camps Bay Beach.


Camps Bay is named after an invalid sailor, Ernst Friedrich von Kamptz, who settled there in 1778.


Sea Point

Aerial view of Sea Point

Sea Point is a small but busy town, with chain stores, shops supplying a large range of goods, many popular restaurants and pubs and a large business sector.

During the apartheid era, especially in the late 1970's and 1980's, many black and coloured South Africans defied the Group Areas Act to live in Sea Point. As a result Sea Point is now home to many ethnic and religious groups, such as Jews, Coloureds, black South Africans and Nigerians.There is also visible gay community in the area.


Sea Point-especially the area below High Level Road- is regarded by some as a dangerous area and prone to more criminal activity than other "white" suburbs such as Rondebosch or Constantia.


During recent times there has been a major move by the Sea Point police to rid the area of criminals with astounding success.There has been an increase in police presence and extra patrol cars.


Many foreigners see it as an place of urban rejuvenation and there are several Dutch, German and British owned properties.


Sea Point is situated on a small strech of land between a mountain and the sea. As a result, space is at a premium and- unlike other "white" suburbs in Cape Town- houses are built closely together, there are more blocks of flats and there are less public spaces. The most important communal space is the beachfront Promenade. This a paved walkway along the beachfront used by residents and tourists.

Ships entering the harbour in Table Bay from the east coast of Africa have to round the coast at Sea Point and over the years many of them have come to grief on the reefs just off shore. In May 1954, during a great storm, the "Basuto Coast" (246 tonnes) ended up on the rocks within a few metres of the concrete wall of the promenade. (


A fireman who came to the assistance of the crew was swept off the wall of the swimming pool adjacent to the promenade by waves and was never seen again. The vessel was soon cut up and carried away for scrap. In July 1966 a large trader, the "S.A. Sea Farer", was stranded on the rocks only a couple of hundred metres from the main road through the suburb (ibid). The stranding was the cause of one of Cape Town's earliest great environmental scares, because the cargo included drums of tetramethyl lead and tetraethyl lead, volatile and highly toxic compounds that were in those days added to certain motor fuels. The ship was gradually destroyed by the huge swells that habitually roll in from the south Atlantic.(


Bantry Bay

Bantry Bay is a suburb of Cape Town situated on the slopes of Lion's Head and overlooking a rocky coastline, Western Cape Province, South Africa. It was originally called Botany Bay after a botanical garden that was planted here for the cultivation of medicinal herbs.It has a unique little beach called Saunders' Rocks which has a lovely tidal pool for safe bathing.

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